Apply for Investment

Application to Present; Screening
New England based companies may apply for investment. To apply to Beacon Angels please click the link below to fill out our funding request. All requests must be referred by a member (please do not send unsolicited summaries).  Screening takes place on the first Tuesday of each month.  If selected, you will be contacted and asked to register to attend the meeting the following Tuesday as a Presenter.  Apply to Beacon Angels

Investment Criteria
Criteria for companies presenting their cases for investment include the following:

  • Foreseeable exit strategy.
  • Competitive barriers to entry.
  • Significant third party buy-in (from customers and/or investors).
  • $3 million or less pre-money valuation.
  • Concise, compelling plan, organized documentation.
  • New England companies only.

Presentations & Due Diligence
Candidates selected to present to our meeting should click here to register. Presentations are subject to a strict time limit of 30 minutes, including Q&A.  We will then discuss your presentation in executive session, and let you know immediately following the session if your company has been approved for the next step: Due Diligence.  If it is approved, we will form a group of our members to perform due diligence regarding your company over the next 30-90 days.  Due diligence may or may not lead to an investment depending on the results of our inquiries. Candidates selected for investment will be expected to pay Beacon’s costs of doing so, including legal fees.

For more information, contact: