John Blyzinskyj
John was previously President of Avotus Corporation, a Software and Services company.  Prior to that he was SVP and Division Head of a number of businesses ranging in size from start-up’s to over $700M in annual revenue, with companies including IBM and Motorola.  These roles including significant experience of conducting and managing businesses in Japan, China, India, the US, and many European countries. John holds a BSc in Electronic Engineering from Kings College, University of London; and a MBA from the Cranfield Institute of Technology.

Thomas H. Brantley
Mr. Brantley is a partner in the Boston law firm of Rubin and Rudman, LLP, with a primary concentration during his 34 years of experience in tax and other areas of the law having a major tax component. He is also a CPA, and worked for five years in the Boston tax department of Ernst & Ernst (now Ernst & Young). He has had extensive involvement with the tax and tax-related needs of start-up and early-stage companies, as well as those of individual and venture capital investors. Mr. Brantley received his B.A. degree from Yale College and his J.D. from Harvard Law School.

Don Burrer
Mr. Burrer’s career centers on far infrared imaging systems and their semiconductor detectors. He was a founder and originating President of Inframetrics which developed, manufactured, and marketed a broad line of infrared imaging instruments for both commercial and government applications. The company was recently acquired by FLIR Systems and now operates as their Boston facility. Mr. Burrer received his BSEE from MIT and MSEE from University of Cincinnati. He has been a Beacon Angels member since its inception.

Eric Clayberg
Eric Clayberg is a Software Engineering Manager at Google and former co-founder and EVP of Product Development for Instantiations (acquired by Google in 2010) and former co-founder and VP of Engineering for ObjectShare (acquired by ParcPlace-Digitalk in 1996). He is also a co-owner and board member for Instantiations (a new company spun off from the original Instantiations at the time of the Google acquisition). In addition to being a successful serial entrepreneur, he is a seasoned software technologist, product developer, and manager with more than 20 years of commercial software development experience. He has been responsible for creating more than a dozen commercial software products including the award winning WindowBuilder, CodePro, and VA Assist product lines. He holds a BS degree in Aerospace Engineering from MIT, an MBA from Harvard, and is co-author of Eclipse Plug-ins (3rd Edition, Dec 2008), Addison Wesley, 2008.

Charles Fadel
Charles Fadel spent 15 years in ICT (semiconductors and systems).  He has been awarded five patents and holds a B.S. in electronics/physics with a minor in neuroscience and an M.B.A. in international marketing.  He is a visiting scholar at Harvard GSE and Wharton/UPenn.  He is vice chair of the education committee of BIAC at the OECD and a senior fellow at The Conference Board.  He was global education lead at Cisco Systems, and liaison with UNESCO and World Bank. He has co-authored a best-selling book titled “21st Century Skills.”

David Fogel
David Fogel is Managing Director of Swifton CFOs LLC, an outsourced CFO firm that provides emerging businesses with strategic and financial Ieadership. David’s expertise lies in constructing a financial framework to help companies attract funding and guide continued growth. A contributor to the development of Greater Boston’s Mass Challenge, Boston BizSpark, and The Capital Network, David is also Adjunct Instructor of Finance in the MBA program at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Leon Liebman
Successful VC and private equity investor seeking opportunities in the US, Great Britain and Sweden. Earlier stage opportunities are of particular interest. Also board involvement with equity incentives. Substantial operating experience in a range of business areas.

William K. Stewart
Kem Stewart is an LSU- and MIT-educated electrical engineer. Over the past three decades he has worked for six Boston-area computer hardware startups and one consumer-electronics startup, as an engineer, manager, or executive, including Alliant Computer, Stellar Computer, Thinking Machines Corporation, Netezza, and most recently, SiCortex. Holder of a dozen patents, his interests include computing, networking, storage, and manufacturing enterprises of all kinds.

William F. Swiggart

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Michael S. Vitale
Mr. Vitale is the current president and CFO of Puritan Fish Co., Inc. a Boston-based international seafood company, and the current treasurer of the New England Seafood Producers Association. He served as past president of the Boston Fisheries Association. Mr. Vitale received his B.S. in Accounting from Bentley College.