Membership Criteria

Benefits to Members

Membership in Beacon Angels provides high net worth investors with access to a steady flow of screened, early-stage, privately held investment opportunities. Participation in our group investments allows members to spread risk among multiple start-up companies, and to share some of the costs of initiating and monitoring them.

Together, we negotiate the terms of our investments, and then conduct ongoing review their progress. Members having an appropriate base of experience and expertise are encouraged to add value to our investments through consulting engagements and by sharing contacts and opportunities among our portfolio companies.

We meet the second Tuesday morning of every month of the year. Often, this meeting is held at the Union Club on Beacon Hill in Boston. Screening meetings usually take place via conference call the Thursday afternoon 12 days prior to each meeting.

Criteria for Membership

Beacon Angels seeks members with the financial wherewithal to make illiquid, long-term investments in private companies. First, at a minimum, a member must be an “accredited investor,” defined by the SEC as owning assets of $1 million or more, having an annual income exceeding $200,000, or having an annual joint income exceeding $300,000; all asset and income requirements exclude the value of a mortgaged primary residence. More than that, a member must be able to tie up a significant amount of wealth in each company until a desired exit event that may occur, if at all, in seven or more years. And many, if not all, companies will return to Beacon Angels after a first round with legitimate needs for more capital in the range of 100-200% of our original investment. Hence, the ability of each member to follow up his investment with more capital is a must in order to avoid dilution.

Secondly, Beacon Angels members must have a willingness to attend meetings, and to contribute time to “duly diligent” investigations of potential investment targets, and to monitor and report back to the group on the status of certain of our portfolio companies.

Thirdly, we seek members having an interest in and expertise in the management and growth of start-up companies. The companies we invest in often need not only capital, but guidance on how to grow and, in certain instances have entered into valued consulting relationships with our members.

Lastly, we seek individuals that will be respectful of others’ time, and who display a congenial demeanor and fun-loving attitude in order to help keep our group interactions enjoyable.

In sum, Beacon Angels members have:

  1. Access to significant, investible assets;
  2. Time and energy to contribute to Beacon Angels activities;
  3. Expertise in and interest in growing companies; and
  4. A congenial approach to group interactions.

Please contact and include the word “Membership” in the e-mail’s subject to learn more about joining.