RevMedica & ORI Therapeutics

On Tuesday, June 9th, Beacon Angels conducted its third meeting in a row that was virtual due to the Wuhan virus panic, at which members heard presentations from:

  • RevMedica, whose CEO Thomas Wenchell proposed funding for, which is developing a reusable robotic-assist system for handheld laparoscopic surgery, and
  • Ori Noked, Founder and CEO of ORI Imaging, which is developing an optical imaging device for early diagnosis, screening and monitoring of deep tissue pathological conditions such as pressure injuries, post-traumatic brain injury inflammation, and potentially, skin cancers.

Members also heard due diligence reports on:

  • Diesel Labs
  • Enrich Therapeutics, and
  • GelMEDIX,

And heard updates on follow-on funding rounds for:

  • Theromics,
  • Cognoptix¬†and
  • First Light Diagnostics.

About Beacon Angels

Angel group, founded in 2006, that invests in early stage start-up companies--New England based only.
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