Lenoss Medical & Torigen Pharmaceuticals

Beacon Angels entertained new company presentations at its meeting on December 8, 2020, from the following:

  • Lenoss Medical, which offers a natural, biological implant solution for spinal fractures to be supplemented with new bone and for the fracture to naturally heal while eliminating all the associated risk of the current standard of care of injecting a synthetic epoxy cement; and
  • Torigen Pharmaceuticals, which is developing affordable anti-cancer biologics for dogs and cats.

Members reported on companies in due diligence consisting of: 

  • Ocular Technologies, and
  • Amplify

We heard updates on the new funding rounds of:

  • Cognoptix convertible debt;
  • First Light Diagnostics, and
  • RevBio (f/k/a Launchpad Medical).

Beacon Angels members delivered portfolio company updates.

About Angel Treaty

Dedicated to fostering due diligence sharing between angel groups.
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