VeraMorph & Dyad Medical

At our monthly breakfast meeting on January 11, 2022, Beacon Angels met in person and remotely to hear the following new company funding presentations:

  • VeraMorph: reformulating generic drugs to be more efficacious orally and co-developing new drugs through partnerships as a means to establish a diversified, low-risk portfolio of therapeutics across a wide range of disease areas; and
  • Dyad Medical: developing AI-enabled clinical applications to assist cardiologists in the interpretation of medical images.

We also considered a follow-on funding proposal from portfolio company GelMEDIX, which is developing a therapeutic, drug-eluting gel capsule for the eye.

We discussed the developing new funding round for

  • NF2 Therapeutics, which is developing a curative gene replacement therapy for the deafness, loss of mobility and devastating brain tumors caused by the rare disease NF2, and antibody-drug conjugates to treat NF2-caused meningiomas. Both therapies are eligible for the FDA’s Orphan Drug Designation.

Members will deliver due diligence reports as follows:

  • Shoreline Biome (Zainulbhai, Doscher & Smith) developing and selling patent-protected assays for more accurate and comprehensive human microbiome testing and research;
  • Jaia Robotics (Dave Smith) developing “JaiaBots,” low-cost, high-speed, micro-sized autonomous aquatic robots that work in pods of up to 20 to collect aquatic data from coastal waters up to 100m, estuaries, rivers, lakes and marshlands; and
  • Imago Rehab (Michael Pietrasiewicz, Vicky Davis), providing a virtual clinic using telerehab supplemented by a robotic glove to facilitate daily, high-repetition rehabilitation for hand-impaired stroke patients.

We also heard updates on Beacon’s portfolio companies

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