TopProp Fantasy & Encapsulate

At the Beacon meeting held on February 8, 2022, members entertained new company funding proposals from the following:

  • TopProp Fantasy, offering a daily fantasy sports platform that simplifies DFS down to its core: single-player fantasy; and
  • Encapsulate, which is develops an automated tumor-on-a-chip system to grow patient-derived microtumors, to screen them against a variety of chemotherapeutic drugs.

Members reported on the new company funding round of NF2 Therapeutics, together with that of Cognoptix, which raised $740K of a targeted $500-$700K convertible debt round to revamp and supplement the results of its most recent clinical trials.

Members delivered due diligence reports on the following companies:

  • Dyad Medical, which is developing AI-enabled clinical applications to assist cardiologists in the interpretation of medical images;
  • Jaia Robotics, developing “JaiaBots,” low-cost, high-speed, micro-sized autonomous aquatic robots that work in pods of up to 20 to collect aquatic data from coastal waters down to 100m, estuaries, rivers, lakes and marshlands; and
  • Imago Rehab, providing a virtual clinic using telerehab supplemented by a robotic glove to facilitate daily, high-repetition rehabilitation to hand-impaired stroke patients.

Beacon Angels members delivered company updates.

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