Bloom for All & OrderTaker Solutions

At the Beacon Angels meeting held on Tuesday, May 12, 2022, we entertained funding proposals from the following new company presenters:

  • BloomForAll (Joanne Mercaldi & Team), offering teenagers a safe, inclusive and mindful health information platform powered by doctors, educators, organizations, and social influencers; and
  • OrderTaker Solutions (Amit Gathani), a Wholesale Distribution technology startup developing a mobile ordering app for field sales reps to engage in direct store delivery sales and increase sales revenues by at least 15-20%.

Members delivered a report on The New England Quarterly Summit of the Angel Capital Association held on May 4, 2022.

We also heard member due diligence reports on the following:

  • Pointz Mobility, a safety-focused mapping app that leverages crowdsourcing to help guide bike and scooter riders through pleasant, lower-stress routes in cities;
  • Encapsulate, developing automated tumor-on-a-chip systems that can grow patients’ cancer cells and test the efficacy of cancer drugs; and
  • Connective Health, disrupting behavioral health care.

About Angel Treaty

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