Gynion & IdleSmart

At its meeting the morning of Flag Day 2022, Beacon Angels members considered funding proposals from the following companies:

  • Mr. Oleg Shikhman, CEO, Gynion—developing MenorrxTM treatment for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (HMB), Menorrx is a safe and effective endometrial ablation therapy that is simpler, easier to use, and costs a fraction of the available alternatives;
  • Mr. Jeff Lynch, CEO, presenting remotely regarding IdleSmart—offering a proprietary IoT solution for truck fleets to reduce yearly fuel costs of $10,000 per truck while increasing vehicle uptime and availability; and
  • Mr. Doug Godfrin, CEO, who delivered an update on Veramorph, which reformulates generic drugs for oral efficacy and is co-developing a diverse portfolio of new drugs with a beachhead in the oral delivery of a drug treatment for metastatic breast cancer.

There followed a due diligence report on Pointz Mobility, a safety-focused mapping app that leverages crowdsourcing to help guide bike and scooter riders through pleasant, lower-stress routes in cities.

Members reported on the funding rounds of:

TopProp Fantasy, which has finalized the terms of its convertible note; and

Imago Rehab, which has accepted an extension of BA Series 99’s investment.

Members delivered company updates.

About Angel Treaty

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