Thinking Chat & Spiro Technologies; Summer Garden Party

Beacon’s July 11th meeting featured new funding presentations by the following companies:

  • Thinking Chat employs artificial intelligence techniques to provide an improved chat agent to improve Web site lead capture by 30% or more using consistently effective dialogs 24-hhours per day.
  • Spiro Technologies uses self-writing customer relationship management software to increase sales effectiveness. Spiro aims for a CRM so intelligent that it updates itself automatically as a salesman works, and provides users with alerts to drive sales.

We also entertained members’ due diligence reports on:

  • Pykus Therapeutics,
  • Patheer,
  • VetX, and
  • DoneGood.

Beacon’s upcoming get together will be its Summer Garden Party on the evening of Saturday, August 19th. The next formal Beacon meeting is scheduled for the morning of Tuesday, September 12th.

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Green Pinata & Patheer

Beacon’s March 14th, 2017 meeting featured new company presentations by:

  • Green Pinata, which sells subscriptions for high-quality, wooden toys to delight children, save parents money and reduce clutter; and
  • Patheer, which offers an enterprise talent development platform for employers to retain and grow talent while empowering employees to drive their own careers.

We heard member due diligence reports and updates on recent presenters as follows:

  • Pykus Therapeutics,
  • UniteGPS,
  • MyBlend,
  • QSM Diagnostics &
  • RacerX.
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PrettyInstant & Tӧst Beverages

Beacon Angels’ December 12, 2017, meeting will feature presentations for funding by:

  • PrettyInstant, the world’s first managed marketplace for professional photography, saving clients time, money, and aggravation associated with hiring contract photographers; and
  • Tӧst Beverages, which develops and sells uniquely delicious non-alcoholic celebratory beverages.

We will also hear member due diligence updates, including a report on Magurobotics.

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Labby & Magurobotics

Beacon Angels will be pleased to host funding presentations from the following companies at its upcoming meeting on Tuesday, November 14, 2017:

  • Labby, which has developed and sells a food and beverage testing device, to be used on-the-go for counterfeit detection, measurement and quality control in beer and wine production and sales; and
  • Magurobotics, which has developed and sells a lure device potentially to revolutionize the sport-fishing and bait-fishing industries.

Members will deliver a due diligence update on:

  • SNO Dietary Management.
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DJ Microlaminates & Simplified Nutrition Online Solutions

Beacon Angels hosted funding presentations from the following companies at its meeting on Tuesday, October 10, 2017:

  • Simplified Nutrition Online Solutions, which develops and markets dietary management tracking software to eldercare institutions, the US military, correctional facilities, food distributors and manufacturers; and
  • DJ Microlaminates, a materials science company seeking to market thick dry film laminate sheets and rolls for wafer fabrication processes, sensors, MEMS, microfluidics and medical and consumer devices.

Members delivered due diligence updates on:

  • Pykus Therapeutics and
  • Alps & Meters,

Plus a funding update on VetX.

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Crowd Comfort and Alps & Meters

Beacon was pleased to host funding presentations from the following companies at its meeting on Tuesday, September 12, 2017:

  • Alps & Meters, a luxury sportswear brand powered by a home try-on model of B2C service and distribution; and
  • Crown Comfort, a revenue generating company self-described as “Waze for buildings. We crowd-source building data (comfort, maintenance, safety, etc.) from occupants to help organizations operate more efficiently.”

We also heard members’ due diligence reports on Pykus Therapeutics and Patheer.

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Nutrimedy & DoneGood

The June 13th Beacon Angels presenters were:

  • Nutrimedy, led by Edwin Rivera, which is developing a novel telehealth platform that transforms disease prevention and management by matching people with Registered Dietitians; and
  • DoneGood, led by Cullen Schwarz, which offers a browser extension and mobile app to help consumers to find ethically-sourced environmentally-friendly goods produced by social enterprises.

Beacon members also presented and reviewed due diligence reports on:

  • Pykus Therapeutics,
  • Patheer,
  • Frontlane,
  • VetX, and
  • NextShift Robotics.

Siamab Therapeutics also presented an update.

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Prapela and NextShift Robotics

The May 9th Beacon Angels presenters were:

  • Prapela, led by John Konsin, integrates breakthrough technology into products to help babies relax, breathe and sleep; and
  • NextShift Robotics, led by Mary Ellen Sparrow, which is developing an e-commerce order fulfillment system whereby robots communicate with each other, and work more efficiently with human ‘pickers,’ enabling 3X to 8X efficiency improvements.

Beacon members also presented and review due diligence reports on:

  • Pykus Therapeutics,
  • Unite GPS,
  • Patheer,
  • Frontlane &
  • VetX.
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