AOA Diagnostics and AIDX

At its breakfast meeting on Tuesday, March 9th, 2021, Beacon Angels entertained the following startup funding proposals:

  • AOA Diagnostics, Oriana Papin-Zoghbu, which developing a non-invasive diagnostic liquid biopsy test to help improve clinical practice by diagnosing ovarian cancer early, leading to reduced patient mortalities and and substantial payer cost savings, and
  • AIDX, which builds financial products to support systems of mutual aid. Aidx is headquartered in Cambridge, MA, and has an office in London. Its first product is Moja, a smartphone app enabling people to send, receive, and pool their money across distance simply and affordably.

Members reported on companies in due diligence consisting of: 

  • General Prognostics, and
  • Everyday Life.

We heard updates on the funding rounds of:

  • Cognoptix bridge debt, and
  • RevBio (f/k/a Launchpad Medical), and
  • First Light.