The Investment Process

Applicants for funding by Beacon Angels should read this page carefully. It describes the process for seeking an investment from Beacon, and the terms and also terms and conditions of any investment that Beacon may make in your company:

  • Foreseeable exit strategy.
  • Competitive barriers to entry.
  • Significant third party buy-in (from customers and/or investors).
  • $3-9 million or less pre-money valuation preferred.
  • Concise, compelling plan, organized documentation.
  • New England companies only.

Applications to Present; Screening
Companies meeting the above criteria may apply for investment. Please click the link below to fill out our funding request via the Beacon page on Applications referred by a member get the most attention. Please use this link for your new application.

Beacon members consider new applications at Screening on the third Tuesday of each month.  If invited as a Presenter, you will be contacted with a proposed time slot, and asked to register as a Presenter for our regular meeting on the second Tuesday of the following month. Invited Presenters, please register here. (N.b, the non-waivable registration fee covers a portion of Beacon’s meeting expenses.)

Invited Presenters
Our in-person meeting venue is 400 Tradecenter Drive, Woburn, MA 01801, with free parking available in the back of the building or the garage. Please arrive in business attire approximately 15 minutes before your Presenter’s time slot (you may be called early or late depending on the pace of the meeting), and wait in the lobby until called.

You should allow 20-25 minutes to present your case for investment, plus 10 minutes for Q&A.

IMPORTANT: For Powerpoint, bring your own laptop computer to connect to the meeting via Google Meet on the Chrome browser.).

We will discuss your offering in executive session, and let you know immediately afterwards if your company has been approved for Due Diligence.

Due Diligence
If approved, a team of members will review your proposal over the next 20-90 days. With your permission, we may review materials shared by other groups, or share our findings with them.

Terms and Conditions for Investment
Candidates selected for investment should plan on paying Beacon’s costs at the initial closing and for any later follow-on rounds. Companies will be sent a single check for each round, net of costs, together with a copy of Beacon’s costs bill. Each company note or stock certificate should be issued to a new Beacon series.

After We Invest
Beacon recognizes that even our most successful portfolio companies may need further investment rounds, and typically we wish to help sustain your growth towards a high-multiple exit within a reasonable period of time. Accordingly, we will expect the following from your company on an ongoing basis:   

  • The right to participate in future funding rounds to sustain our stake in your company;
  • Continued support of Beacon’s ongoing investment expenses; and
  • Reasonably detailed and regular reports as to your company’s progress and ongoing funding needs (once per quarter or better).

In turn, Beacon members will endeavor to reserve sufficient funds in order to deliver on this implicit (and nonbinding) promise of continued support and participation.

More Information
Investment applicants may contact: (subject line: “Question from Beacon Applicant”) for more information.