Market 2day & Alissa Pharma

At the meeting of Beacon Angels Valentine’s Day, 2023, members heard funding proposals from the following:

  • Market 2day, offering a digital marketplace to connect local farmers and other food producers with consumers;
  • Alissa Pharma, a clinical-stage biotech applying proprietary immunotherapy and diagnosis methods to difficult-to-treat cancers with large global markets, its first being Hodgkin’s lymphoma;
  • in a portfolio company update, Pykus Therapeutics, which is developing a glue to improve the corneal reattachment experience for eye surgeons and their patients; and
  • in another update, AmplifiDX,which ia developing a system for quick diagnoses of infections.

Members reported on the following current funding rounds, by Series number:

  • S108 AOA Diagnostics–improved diagnoses of ovarian cancer;
  • S109 QSM Diagnostics–mail-in kits and instruments for veterinarians to provide test results faster to pet owners;
  • S110 Pykus Therapeutics; and
  • S111 AmplifiDX.