Orthofundamentals & GelMEDIX

At its virtual meeting on the morning of Tuesday, May 12, 2020, members and guests of Beacon Angels heard, considered and evaluated funding proposals from the following new companies:

  • Matthew Palmer proposed seed funding for Orthofundamentals, which is developing an app and disposable procedural kits to simplify and help improve orthopedic care at ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), and
  • CEO Jeff Behrens, biomolecular engineer Nasim Annabi, PhD & eye surgeon Reza Dana, MD, delivered the seed funding proposal of GelMEDIX, a new start-up, to develop a light-activated biomaterial for cornea repair with unique properties of tissue adhesion, tunable drug elution, and biocompatibility.

We also heard members’ due diligence reports on:

  • Diesel Labs, and
  • Enrich Therapeutics,

And we heard an update from returning CEO Susanne Wilke on Cognoptix.