Beacon Angels 2014 Meeting Archive

The following were the 2014 Beacon Angels Meetings, listed in reverse chronological order:

Presenters to Beacon’s meeting on November 11th, 2014:

  • Personal Remedies – presents individualized nutrition-focused health apps for chronic conditions and multiple chronic conditions. These enable healthcare providers to improve care and lower costs.
  • Sleep Secure – has developed a smaller and more portable device than the CPAP machine to control snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep Secure’s wearable, Bluetooth-enabled sensor pod will be offered to consumers on a subscription basis.
  • Fraen Mechatronics, which, a year ago presented to Beacon a plan to manufacture and sell a patented actuator for turbocharged automobile engines, is returning for an update.

Presenters to Beacon’s meeting on September 9th:

  • Ask Beatrice, a software service that will digitize street-level data points like traffic signs, meters, and business locations. Beatrice’s software can personalize data points for a variety of applications, and
  • Parsagen Diagnostic.

Presenters to Beacon’s meeting on July 8th:

  • Using a combination of software and human instruction, Testive offers a service to help students to prepare for standardized tests.
  • Galaxy Scientific offers portable, high performance, spectroscopic analysis tools that enable scientists to analyze materials qualitatively or quantitatively outside the laboratory at point-of-need.

Presenters for Beacon’s meeting on June 10th:

  • Elucid Bioimaging is a revenue stage company that develops quantitative radiology image analysis software and services. With FY12 revenues having reached seven figures, the company is now developing its vasuCAP software to quantitate atherosclerotic plaque parameters urgently requested by clinicians to change treatment and to provide a marker for drug development. The company has begun sales on a “one-click” basis, and is widening its offering from that base.
  • First Light intends its novel diagnostic products–which have been developed under $11m of grant funding–to be the first to afford all hospitals with rapid, automated testing to prevent deadly hospital infections, with the aim of saving lives and money for hospitals and payers. The company follows a razor-razorblade revenue model that rests on high-margin high-volume consumable sales to hospital clinical microbiology labs and reference labs. Its consumables will be 1/3 the price of today’s best selling rapid tests.

Presenters for Beacon’s Meeting on March 11:

  • Quad Technologies developed QuickGel™, a hydro gel technology that can separate stem cells from human blood more effectively and cost effectively than other current stem cell separation techniques. The market for stem cell technologies was $26.2b in 2011 and is projected to grow to more than $100b by 2018.
  • Amylon is developing a treatment for mild to moderate forms of Alzheimer’s Disease. Amylon received a significant grant in 2010 and seeks funding to both finish developing its drug, and begin preclinical studies.

Presenters for Beacon’s meeting on February 11:

  • Splashscore is developing a platform for companies to capture, promote and manage brand advocates on Facebook. Splashscore now has revenue, advocates, and a reach of 72 million Facebook “friends.”
  • TransformOne offers a cloud-based management system that helps customers in the pharmaceutical industry to centralize and manage clinical and operational data from clinical trials into one platform. TransformOne’s platform can shorten trial times by weeks and potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars per trial.

Presenters for Beacon’s Meeting on January 14:

  • Blu-Bin, Inc. will provide brick-and-mortar 3D printing services to retail customers, utilizing a Web platform to receive designs and convert them into a 3D printing format. Customers will then pick up their prototypes at nearby locations.
  • Alden Computer Transport Systems (“ACTS”) is designing an automated platform to collect and deliver passengers to airports, businesses, universities, and hospitals. ACTS is currently in the process of developing a working relationship with Boston’s Logan Airport.

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