Beacon Angels 2013 Meeting Archive

Announcing presenters for Beacon’s meeting on December 10, 2013:

  • Etiometry is developing an analytic platform to improve patient care in Intensive Care Units. Utilizing existing technology, Etiometry can provide real-time and actionable data to help healthcare providers improve the efficiency of patient flow.
  • PreApps is an “app” development tool that helps developers solicit feedback and develop market traction even before any public release. PreApps’ current customers include Microsoft and Samsung.

Announcing presenters for Beacon’s meeting on November 12, 2013:

  • Tripzon developed a cloud-based travel management service targeted toward travel industry professionals. Tripzon’s service may reduce industry search time from several days to thirty minutes.
  • Rifinity developed an analytics-based platform to track and optimize office space for enterprises. Rifinity’s platform may increase efficiency and improve employee workflow.

Announcing presenters for Beacon’s meeting on October 8, 2013:

  • Thompson CSI – has developed a device-based solution that would enable physicians to use hypothermia to treat spinal cord injuries. The members of Thompson’s team previously have helped to bring more than ten FDA-compliant spinal products to market.
  • Cellanyx Diagnostics – is developing a diagnostic platform to aid in the detection of epithelial cancers, with prostate cancer as its first implementation. Cellanyx’s approach would supplement the Gleason score to reduce the ambiguity that is inherent in the current prostate cancer detection regime.

Announcing presenters for Beacon’s Meeting on September 10, 2013:

  • Energy Harvesters – created a device that is capable of charging portable electronics from the energy created by walking. Harvesters already has several rounds of prototypes, and strategic relationships with OEM manufacturers.
  • Fraen Mechatronics – is developing a high-performance torque motor that enhances vehicle engine efficiency. With more than a decade of experience in the high-performance motor industry, Fraen’s principals are now focusing their energy on forthcoming environmental regulation, and this engine is a result.

Announcing presenters for Beacon’s meeting on July 9, 2013:

  • MyChoice– has hardware intended to enable users to block potentially offensive commercials that are broadcast during live sporting events. MyChoice offers its solution to families with young children that enjoys watching sports together.
  • Common Sensing– offers a “pen cap” to enable insulin pens to log dose information and wirelessly synchronize the data with mobile devices. Common Sensing’s sytem is intended to provide a data stream to enable healthcare professionals to analyze patients’ treatment efficacy, and to enable more care for insulin users.

Beacon presentations on June 11, 2013, included:

  • Recroup, an early-stage company developing a hiring platform that assists employers to evaluate employment candidates by accessing data from social media.
  • Sabik Medical, a biotechnology startup engineering a powerful new technology for the diagnosis, staging and treatment of cancers through its proprietary technology.

Beacon Presenters on Tuesday, Jan. 8th, 2013 will be:

  • Collabor, which offers its CLM to help increase customer lifetime value, providing the missing link between CRM and Customer Service to effectively grow existing customers; and
  • Newfield Design, which is seeking growth capital to hire engineers to further develop its Expandable Radio Control System (ERCS), which gives plug-and-play interoperability to Land Mobile Radio networks.

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