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Green Pinata & Patheer to Present March 14th

Beacon’s meeting on March 14th, 2017 will feature new company presentations by: Green Pinata, which offers a subscription service targeting millennial parents that prefer high-quality, wooden toys for their children while saving money and reducing clutter; and Patheer which offers … Continue reading

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Pykus Therapeutics & UniteGPS

Beacon’s meeting on February 14th, 2017 featured new company presentations by: Pykus Therapeutics, which is developing a dissolvable intraocular device to make retinal surgery less painful and more successful; and UniteGPS, which develops software tools related to location. Their first … Continue reading

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My Blend & Wardrobe Essentialist

Beacon’s January 10th meeting featured presentations by: My Blend, creating new ways for fashion and lifestyle brands to better engage with consumers by de-cluttering their e-mail inboxes, opening conduits to the social digital lives of women in the age 25-40 demographic; and … Continue reading

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3D Fortify & Flaskworks

Beacon Angels’ meeting on December 13, 2016 will include presentations by: 3d Fortify, a materials 3D printing company that uses patented magnetic alignment technology to create highly complex carbon fiber composites; and Flaskworks, which  is developing modular, closed and disposable … Continue reading

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eCare Vault & Kalion

Presenters to Beacon Angels’ meeting on Tuesday, November 8th were: eCare Vault, which is developing a social network for parents of children with developmental needs to share and coordinate with health and education team members; and Kalion, an industrial biotech … Continue reading

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RacerX and Eversound

Beacon Angels’ Oct. 11th, 2016 meeting featured funding presentations by: RacerX, which is paid by consumer product manufacturers to facilitate consumer product registrations with a mobile app, facilitating their relationship marketing; and Eversound, which will shortly launch targeted sales of its … Continue reading

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WhisperSom & Cre8MDI

Beacon Angels’ meeting on Tuesday, September 13, 2016, featured presentations by: WhisperSOM, which is developing a lightweight, wearable device that works with your smart phone to interrupt sleep apnea and snoring, and Cre8MDI, which is developing a medical device for the early … Continue reading

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