2020 Beacon Meeting Archive

The following summarizes the 11 regular Beacon Angels meetings during 2020 as follows:

January 14, 2020

New funding proposals:

  • Theromics, which is developing HeatSYNC™ a new medical device technology to optimize thermal ablation (IGTA) of solid tumors or soft tissue; and
  • Testive, which uses machine learning to deliver test prep at a lower cost and at higher margins.

Members presented due diligence reports on Jetcool Technologies, Native Voice, and Navigation Science.

February 11, 2020

  • Wabbi; which is developing a platform to provide continuity of information to make security scalable between software development pipelines, so teams no longer have to choose between speed and security; and
  • IndustrialML, which is an enterprise software company that collects, cleans, and curates factory sensor and enterprise IT data, enabling industrial customers to optimize factory productivity using its proprietary machine-learning SaaS platform.

We reviewed and discuss company updates including:

  • Exit of The Search Agency,
  • Exit of Concrete Sensors, and
  • Funding follow-on rounds including of Launchpad Medical, and Xeno.

Members reported on companies in due diligence consisting of:

  • Theromics, and
  • Testive.

March 10, 2020

  • Enrich Therapeutics, which is developing a LCD-guided cell-isolation platform to enable life science research at the single-cell level; and
  • Obsidian Advanced Manufacturing, which offers a breakthrough method of printing micron-scale sensors, electromagnetics structures and radio-frequency devices directly on high-value assets.

Review and discussion of company updates including:

  • The exit of Concrete Sensors,
  • Funding a follow-on round of Xeno,
  • Funding a new round into Theromics, and
  • Completing the follow-on funding of Launchpad Medical.

April 14, 2020

Funding proposals from new companies:

  • Zeptive, which is developing a system of IOT sensors to be distributed in campuses to enable school administrators to detect banned student vaping activities; and
  • Diesel Labs, which is developing a platform to identify and analyze audience preferences as to streaming television content for media and marketing firms and companies.

Member due diligence reports:

  • Wabbi, and
  • Enrich Therapeutics.

The meeting was conducted virtually via Google Groups due to statewide efforts to retard the spread of the novel coronavirus: “15 days to stop the spread.”

May 12, 2020

Funding proposals from new companies:

  • Matthew Palmer proposed funding Orthofundamentals, which is developing an app and disposable procedural kits to simplify and help improve orthopedic care at ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), and
  • CEO Jeff Behrens, biomolecular engineer Nasim Annabi & eye surgeon Reza Dana delivered a proposal for GelMEDIX, a new start-up to develop a light-activated biomaterial with unique properties of tissue adhesion, tunable drug elution, and biocompatibility.

Members due diligence reports on:

  • Diesel Labs, and
  • Enrich Therapeutics, and

Returning CEO Susanne Wilke gave an update on Cognoptix.

June 9, 2020

At its third virtual meeting in a row due to the Wuhan virus panic, members heard presentations from:

  • RevMedica, whose CEO Thomas Wenchell proposed funding for, which is developing a reusable robotic-assist system for handheld laparoscopic surgery, and
  • Ori Noked, Founder and CEO of ORI Imaging, which is developing an optical imaging device for early diagnosis, screening and monitoring of deep tissue pathological conditions such as pressure injuries, post-traumatic brain injury inflammation, and potentially, skin cancers.

Members heard due diligence reports on:

  • Diesel Labs
  • Enrich Therapeutics, and
  • GelMEDIX,

and heard updates on follow-on funding rounds for:

  • Theromics,
  • Cognoptix and
  • First Light Diagnostics.

July 14, 2020

Company funding proposals:

  • Ocular Technologies, which is developing a machine-learning telemedicine device platform to enable ophthalmologists to diagnose eye problems remotely and prevent blindness in up to 220 million new, remotely located patients per year; and
  • New View Surgical, whose patented, high-definition VisionPort imaging technology combines four devices–scope, camera, light source, trocar–into one easy-to-use and cost-effective device to assist surgeons in performing laparoscopic procedures.

A Member gave a due diligence report for RevMedica.

We heard updates on new or renewed funding rounds for:

  • Diesel Labs,
  • Theromics, and
  • GelMEDIX.

September 15, 2020

The new funding proposal was for Vincere Biosciences, which is developing small molecule therapeutics targeting mitochondrial quality control to cure age-related and neurodegenerative diseases.

Member due diligence reports:

  • Ocular Technologies, and
  • RevMedica.

We heard updates on new or renewed funding rounds for:

  • Diesel Labs,
  • First Light Diagnostics,
  • Theromics, and
  • GelMEDIX.

October 13, 2020

New funding proposals:  

  • 40GRID (f/k/a SOLVD), which is developing and marketing business-automation software for field-services companies; and
  • Cloud9 Online offering a “Medical Grade,” white-labeled meditation app, designed by healthcare & insurance professionals to improve chronic pain management, reduce opioids & increase patient compliance.

Member due diligence reports on: 

  • Ocular Technologies, and
  • Vincere Biosciences.

We heard updates on the new funding rounds of:

  • First Light Diagnostics (by CEO David MacDonald),
  • Datarista, and
  • RevBio (f/k/a Launchpad Medical).

November 10, 2020

New funding proposals on:

  • Amplify, a US-based additive manufacturing company specializing in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of 3D metal-printed orthopedic implants; and
  • Fit7, which is offering a patented, portable, compact, rugged mountable exercise assembly for strength & flexibility training that is lightweight and functionally designed to build total-body strength, muscular endurance, help gain flexibility, balance, boost mood, and increase energy.

Due diligence reports on:

  • 40GRID,
  • Ocular Technologies, and
  • Vincere Biosciences.

New funding rounds updates on:

  • the Cognoptix convertible note, and
  • RevBio (f/k/a Launchpad Medical).

December 9, 2020

New company presentations from:

  • Lenoss Medical, which offers a natural, biological implant solution for spinal fractures to be supplemented with new bone and for the fracture to naturally heal while eliminating all the associated risk of the current standard of care of injecting a synthetic epoxy cement; and
  • Torigen Pharmaceuticals, which is developing affordable anti-cancer biologics for dogs and cats.

Members reported on companies in due diligence consisting of: 

  • Ocular Technologies, and
  • Amplify

We heard updates on the new funding rounds of:

  • Cognoptix convertible debt;
  • First Light Diagnostics, and
  • RevBio (f/k/a Launchpad Medical).

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